6 Hand Embroidery Stitches for Lettering Tutorial

So let’s talk about embroidery lettering. For this tutorial, I wanted to show you guys my favorite stitches. I am gonna use 6 hand embroidery stitches in this lettering tutorial. You can obviously see what stitches those are that we are going to cover. Those are my favorite hand embroider stitches for lettering:

  • back stitch
  • stem stich
  • split stitch
  • chain stitch
  • couching and
  • satin stitch

This is a tutorial with long video demos for each stitch. First, I wrote out the words with my own handwriting. Then I use my copier to double the size, and then I used the light transfer methane to transfer my lettering design onto my fabric in the hoop. I used the water-soluble pen. I put my hoop up to a window and traced my writing, pretty simple. I didn’t write it large initially just because my handwriting only looks nice when it’s small so that’s why I did it that way. There’s some colors I decided to use, a variegated thread from Lucy in Cosmo, it’s called the seasons, it’s their variegated line so I usually get questions about that. The floss that I added it’s just DMC that matched it so alright let’s get started.

6 Hand Embroidery Stitches for Lettering

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