Crochet Christmas Elf Pattern Ideas

Hello everyone, in the tutorial today Crochet Christmas Elf, let’s make these goblins bring luck to crochet we can choose to make them in the Christmas version or in the classic version, for the whole year therefore, an elf brings luck to give or keep at home in particular, today we do this we will see together all the pieces that make up the elf the assembly and then we will see all 3 ways to decorate them embroider.

holly with berries and flowers there are many other ways to decorate these elves, the limit is only the imagination, while I show you these 3 as always, it’s a quick project to do and beautiful to give away or to keep at home so stop the chatter and let’s start the tutorial to make the elves, I used this yarn the label recommends a 4mm crochet hook 50% wool, 50% acrylic for projects like this, you can use whatever yarn you prefer the important thing is that the size of the crochet hook is right for the yarn, and for the way you crochet :

Crochet Christmas Elf Free Pattern Ideas

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