Crochet Peacock Reversible Feathers Tutorial

Crocheted an macrame Peacock feathers
This feather has 2 parts:
The eye and the stem (crochet) And the barbs
2mm crochet hook
Crochet cotton yarn (5 colors)
You´ll need only 4 or 5 grames per feather
Small scissors
Yarn needle
Big scissors
Yarn carder
Part 1: Eye and stem (crochet)
Color # 1:
Magic slip ring
Row 1: 12 half double crochet stitches (HDC)
End row with a slip stitch (SS)
Cut color # 1
Close the magic ring
hook up color # 2
Row 2: chain 1
12 single crochet stitch increases
End row with a SS
Cut color # 2
Cut yarn tails
Hook up color # 3
Row 3: Chain 1
18 single crochet stitches (SC)
6 SC inserting the crochet hook in the magic slip ring
End row with a SS
Cut color # 3
Hook up color # 4 (in the third chain before the last one)
Row 4: chain 1
5 SC, 1 SC increase, 3 HDC, 2 double crochet stitches (DC), 2 DC increases, 2 DC, 3 HDC, 1 SC increase, 5 SC
End row with a SS
Cut color # 4
Row 5: slip knot
Chain 36
1 SC in the 4th row 1st chain
4 SC, 2 SC increases, 5 SC, 1 HDC, 2 DC increases, 1 HDC, 5 SC, 2 SC increases, 5 SC
1 SS in tre 1st SC
36 SS (on the 36 begining chains)
Cut color # 5
Thread a needle
Weave the tail through the stitches of the fabric to hide it.
Now we have the feather center with the stem (16.5 cm long)
Part 2: Barbs
Fringes on the eye top
Macrame square knots on the stem
Put 3 fringes (1 thread each one) on the top chain of the eye tip
Repeat on the 2 chains on the left
Repeat on the 2 chains on the right side
Put 1 fringe (1 thread) on each of the 6 chains at both sides
Now we´re going to attach the thread on the stem with macrame square knots
Macrame square stitch 1
Macrame square stitch 2
Repeat macrame square knots 1 and 2 until you have only 3 cm free stem
Make a knot with 1 thread to fasten
Finishing the feather
Cut barbs on the tip and on both sides

Crochet Peacock Reversible Feathers

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Source : Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas[/reveal]

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