Crochet Rainbow Shorts Pattern Tutorial DIY

Crochet Rainbow Shorts Pattern Tutorial DIY : for this project any category four yarn will work but I used a quarter skein of red heart Super Saver jumbo in white and sugar ‘n cream in cornflower hot blue hot green sunshine hot orange and red as for tools a five millimeter hook scissors stitch markers and a tape measure there’s a written pattern down below use.

Learn how to enter this week’s giveaway we’re using four stitches for this project and they will be as follows chain slip stitch single crochet half double crochet and double crochet this tutorial is for a size small but you can adjust it for your size and you explain how to win the tutorial so let’s get started getting these bottoms started we’re first gonna grab our category for yarn make a slipknot then we’re gonna grab our 5 millimeter hook and start off by doing some measuring.

first measurement that we’re going to need to make is going to be along the front of our body from hip to hip once when we have that measurement we are going to add an extra 3 inches to that because the V shape that we are going to make is going to eat up those three inches so I need a total of 8 inches or 20 centimeters so I’m going to add those extra three inches so I’m going to start off by making a chain of 11 inches or 28 centimeters which comes out to 35 chains. here is video tutorial

Crochet Rainbow Shorts Pattern Tutorial DIY

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