Learn to Crochet ZigZag Bracelet Stitch Tutorial

Crochet ZigZag Bracelet Stitch : Hello dear in my today we crochet these super simple bracelets just zigzag pattern this is an absolutely great project for beginners it’s so easy you only need to be able to do one stitch this is the tight stitch and this zigzag pattern is created from all over alone this is a great project for leftover wool or just now for many summer friendship band for a friend this really super super simple whole done really quickly if he did you’ve got three times out bracelet finished in 15 minutes really, really quickly very simple and I find this absolutely great and like the whole works and what you need that I’ll show you here I would have three today millimeter needle you also need scissors a needle to sew a small horse button and your chosen wool.

I have this catania from schachenmayr the 100% cotton with the I crocheted this bright bracelet and there are really many of them different colors and this is here very eco essentials shadow that is also 100 percent cotton and that has such a great shimmer effect the first bracelet is made from it crocheted in such a turquoise they do too there are many great ones colors and the link to the wool I link you below in the info box and then let’s start we start with a loop so we form a loop and like crochet three air mesh alliance here detail tutorial in video.

Crochet Easy Bracelet ZigZag Stitch ideas Tutorial

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