DIY Crochet Shorts Tutorial Ideas

DIY Crochet Shorts Tutorial I started off by measuring my waist this is just to help me know how many chains I’m gonna do so my waist was 29 inches so I’m just gonna chain enough change to you know fit the width of my waist and it’s gonna be give or take like I started off with a hundred cuz I thought that’s how much it would have been and I think I ended up with about ninety five chain whatever fits around the widest part of your waist because if you’re gonna wrap a screen around it anyway after you have your desired amount of chains.

you’re gonna use a slip stitch to connect the both ends together and then you’re going to change who and after you chain – you’re just gonna double crochet all the way around those 95 or how many changes you made like I made 95 chains so I should double crochet 95 times all the way around in each chain [Music] and once I made my way back around I connected those two sides together with a slip stitch and then I chained to and started on my second row.

DIY Crochet Shorts Tutorial

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