DIY Macrame PODS Step BY Step Macrame Tutorial

DIY Macrame PODS Step BY Step Macrame Tutorial : hey guys so the first part of these little baskets that we’re going to do are the handles so I’ve taken my four pieces of the seven foot ropes and this is the exact center point and what I’m gonna do I’m gonna see about how long I want the handle so I want it to be like that okay and again if you want yours smaller just measure this part smaller okay so I’m gonna take that I’m gonna put it out like so and to start it.

I’m gonna tape the far end where I had measured off for the handle to end and I’m gonna work my way down with square knots to make that little loop part at the top of the basket okay I’m just gonna turn it over I’m gonna work a few knots from the other end just those two working ropes don’t get too too short so I’ll use some of the lengths off these ones and make a couple of square knots as well okay now.

I’ve done six inches of square knots I’m going to show you guys just how this works so that will be the size of the loop for mine okay so if you want to keep going just add more knots if you want it even smaller you can add less okay I’m happy with that size okay so I have some of these little sewing pins I’m going to be using to hold this in place and this is why I’m doing it on a cork board you don’t necessarily have to do it on a cork board you could do it on a clipboard and clip that top part in. here is video tutorial

DIY Macrame PODS Step BY Step Macrame Tutorial

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