Easy DIY Crochet Summer Boho Crop Top

What’s up you guys, welcome back to another crochet tutorial. Today I’m gonna share to you guys how I made this summer crochet boho crop top. I made this crochet top while I was living in Costa Rica and it’s my new favorite top of all time. I absolutely love how it fits and every time I put it on I feel like I’m in the middle of the jungle or I’m gonna go jump off a waterfall or something just a heads up might make you feel a little crazy a little wild.

I will be going over this top step by step in the size small and if you guys would like another size or if you prefer the written pattern I do have that available to buy on the website in sizes small through triple XL so I’ll leave a link in the video description for anybody who would like that. I also have a quick question for you guys I would love to know what pieces would you guys like me to make this summer. Now let’s get started with this tutorial. The materials that you’ll need for this top is four different colors of yarn you can use whatever colors that you want and you need them in a number 4 medium weight yarn then you’re also going to need a 3.75 millimeter hook some scissors and a yarn needle.

all right so to get started with color. For me, i strated it with blue color. We’re going to start off with a slipknot now. If you guys are wondering what in the world is on my end it’s just a bruise and I think I got from the gym the other day when I was using the elliptical machine so no worries there’s nothing to be concerned about. Anyways so once you have your Slipknot we’re going to chain four and then this very first chain here is going to be our foundation chain so that’s gonna be the place that we’re gonna work in our next seven crochets and then the three chains are going to count as our first double crochet so we’re going to work six double crochets into that very first chain the fourth chain from the hook.

Easy DIY Crochet Summer Boho Crop Top

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