Easy off The Shoulder Cute Top Crochet Tutorial

hi my love’s welcome back to another tutorial. Today I’m going to be showing you guys how to crochet this super cute kind of like gypsy top. The off the shoulder top and it’s super cute and super easy to create. You guys will love everything about this top. I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, let’s begin with today’s project. I’m going to be using a measuring tape, a four millimeters elastic thread, a needle to sew the elastic, a small paper scissors, tapestry needle and a 1.75 millimeters hook, and the yarn that I’m going to be using for today’s project is declare it’s from Brazil you can actually get this yarn on eBay or Amazon. this yarn is 100% cotton as well these are the shades that I’m going to be using also the shades that I’m using here in today’s project are Light Yellow (Maize), Medium Yellow (Golden Yellow), and Dark Yellow (Golden Yellow). I’m going to be using each color for each row of shell that I’m going to be doing.

The pattern that we are going to be using for the stitching all on the one video i have created for you guys, I already explaining everything from the beginning and how many chains you have to make and exactly how you have to make because otherwise the video would be too long. So the first thing they are going to be doing or you’re going to be measuring around your shoulders, it is a little bit down your shoulders or you’re gonna be cutting a piece of the elastic that it’s basically going around the area in your body and making sure that it’s not too tight and it’s not too loose, because you want to make sure that the dress is stays very still and it’s not gonna be falling off. For my measurement is ninety nine centimeters and I’ve cut my elastic 71 centimeters because this elastic is very very stretchy so you want to make sure that you cover the 99 when you basically pull the elastic and you reaches that number, so once you have the elastic on the centimeter that you need what we are going to be doing is just sewing both ends together, so we have a little circle.

You’re just going to be hand sewing just both parts together just making sure that it’s nice and secured as well. Once you have the elastic done you’re gonna be leaving this at a side and also now you need to make sure that you have also the measurement of your shoulder is going around your shoulders it’s basically the same way that I did the elastic but also measuring as well. I’m going to be choosing my lightest shade this one right here which is kind of like a pale yellow and what we are going to be doing we are going to be creating a chain that is long enough to cover the 99 centimeters plus a little bit more so you have a little bit more space so you can move your arms.

Easy off The Shoulder Cute Top Crochet Tutorial


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