How To Crochet A Simple Blanket Square Tutorial

hi everyone in this Crochet A Simple Blanket Square tutorial i will show you how to make this squares it’s a little bit challenging this time sometimes it could be a little complicated but when you understand it and learn how to make it you will enjoy it very much i promise you i don’t like to make regular things i like to make different things for every city stage a it’s a kind of same always with stitch and a double crochets uh one row with single crochet here.

but always some little chains make this scrub for me easy to make and for this one i used a size two yarn it’s alize and it’s cotton and acrylic i will give you the grams sorry one of them is 11 grams so one with 100 grams of yarn you can make at least nine of them i will look at this one too it’s 13 grams and this one is a little heavier yarn from this actually i thought that one too heavier but it’s not so um and for this one 100 grams of yarn is 330 meters 361 yards and you can calculate how many grams of yarn you will need like that and you will need a 3.5 millimeter hook or any hook you want to use with your yarn.

How To Crochet A Simple Blanket Square Tutorial

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