How to Crochet APACHE TEARS Stitch Tutorial [VIDEO]

hello crochet lovers how are you welcome to our channel where we learn to crochet step by step today we’ll learn to make a stitch that’s well deserving of its but in English we call it Apache or Apache tears stitch well we’re going to need the yarn and all the colors you want to use and the corresponding hook.

I don’t recommend for the yarn to be too thick or thin so we can create easily the texture for this stitch it’s very important the size of the space we choose to live between the tears I chose to live 5 stitches between tears so that the tear comes down each 6 stitches we can set them closer together and just leave a 3 or 4 stage separation and I think the biggest space should be 10 stitches so that this super nice optical effect is still noticeable if you want to use – a guideline I have 5 stitches in between and the tier 5 stitches and the tier this means my tears are done every 6 stitches after we chose that number for separation we’ll repeat it until we get to how white we want our project to be if you chose 6 like me we’ll make six chains 12 18 etc or if you chose a separation of 8 stitches, here is video tutorial.

How to Crochet APACHE TEARS Stitch Tutorial

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