How To Crochet Diagonal Rib Stitch Tutorial

hi everyone in this Crochet Diagonal Rib Stitch tutorial I will show you how to make this stitch you can use it for your penis Bream’s or cardigans sleeve or maybe your jumpers you can use it almost anywhere you can even make a blanket with that and it’s so simple so easy I don’t like it very much and I want to share it with you and I want to show you an invisible joining that’s the joining point okay and I hope you like it I used timely metal hook okay I could show you yeah.

I use five millimeter and eight hook on this yarn it’s basket yard the discount yarn is 140 grams there’s nothing else on it and it size for yarn I think it’s a little thicker size for yarn but it’s not important of course you can use it with any yarn and hook I want to make a beanie with that stitch but it’s almost summer so we cannot make it right now times are falling really so fast because I want to make it at least four weeks in a go but I cannot find the time right time and it’s not right all so much I want to share it right now and here we go video tutorial

How To Crochet Diagonal Rib Stitch Tutorial

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