How to Crochet MOROCCAN TILES Stitch Tutorial

Crochet MOROCCAN TILES Stitch Ideas – hello welcome back again to this my site where we learn to crochet step-by-step today we’ll learn to resist it inspired by Moroccan tiles I learn eight thanks to movie another crochet blog I’ll leave the link for you below in the description for this video but make some variations in my style for this tutorial I will use it to renew an old pillow that I had laying around in my house but you can use it for the decoration project you prefer you can also use it to make scarves or Venus.

let’s begin while we’re Moroccan stitch will need at least two colors and a color a base one that will be the edge of the tiles and then a B color which is the one that gives more color and more personality to our project in this case it’s green so to begin we’ll make a slipknot and then we’ll make a number of chains multiple of three that resembles a lot the width we want for our project in this sample I will make 21 chains but in my real. here is video tutorial this project.

How to Crochet MOROCCAN TILES Stitch Tutorial

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