How to Crochet Paw Print Applique [Video Tutorial]

Hi everyone! in today’s project I’ll show you how to crochet this beautiful paw print applique. It is really easy and fast to make. I absolutely love it, if you want, you can also sew a couple of them together and stuff it to make a keychain or broch for example. Thanks to MaryJ Handmade for creating this cute Applique. Anyway, you can use any kind of thread or yarn you want but if you use a thicker yarn, the paw print will be bigger, and if you use are thinner thread the paw print will be smaller. You need yarn or thread in two colors I use cotton yarn size 3, a crochet hook, I use 2.5 millimeters crochet hook, a marker, pair of scissors and a needle. Happy crocheting..!

How to Crochet Paw Print Applique [Free Pattern + Video Tutorial]

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