How to Crochet Shorts Beginner Friendly Tutorial

How to Crochet Shorts Beginner Friendly Tutorial ; hello everyone welcome back to my site today I’m gonna show you how to make this beautiful crochet shirt this short is fairly easy to make if you know basic coaches they just like a single crochet half-double crochet and in the slip stitch and you’re good to go alright.

I will put other links in description below and in the picture here I’m wearing size small and also in this tutorial I’m gonna show you in size small alright I hope you enjoy and let’s get started here is the materials that I used for this project for this project you will need side three lightweight DK on and I use ice yon and this is 100% organic cotton okay if you love cotton I highly recommend check this yarn out it’s fairly nice yawn I love it so much and I will go back and buy some more all right so this is lightweight DK yarn this is color gray alright so for the eyes yarn they say oh like by pack so one pack of this yarn is come with four balls let me show you what’s a soup like so as you can see here just a different color but the same yarn see one tag is have four balls in there okay and you can substitute yawn but I highly recommend looking for cotton yarn and side three light weight yarn alright and check the gate is very very important so in each bar of this yarn is half about. here is video tutorial

How to Crochet Shorts Beginner Friendly Tutorial

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