How to Crochet Spike Blanket Stitch Easy Tutorial

hi everyone today I will show you Crochet Spike Blanket Stitch Easy Tutorial how to make this beautiful stitch you can use it for our blankets or maybe paper comments or cardigans jumpers and I think I could use this one for a back it will look beautiful with the cotton yarn I think and it’s reversible and it’s so easy if you know how to make single crochet and change you can make this and we will work with two yarn.

you will not cut the yarn and there’s not style being that won’t be so much tails as you can see I just carry the yarn with me and when I complete it I made a row with single crochet it seems perfect so you don’t have to hide all this yards I will use these two yarns together again it’s not written but I think it’s size two yarn and it’s the soft baby yarn it’s a click and Polly meat recommends three millimeter hooks I will use 3.5 and it’s so nice soft yarn you can use any yarn you want a with two different colors it will look better of course if you want you can use a multicolor yarn for here and for here a lighter young will be better okay if you are ready we can directly start.

Crochet Spike Blanket Stitch Easy Tutorial

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