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Japanese Interior Design Living Room - YouTube
Japanese Interior Design Living Room - YouTube | Japanese Interior Design

A kitchen captivated in yuzu-coloured bottle sits at the centre of HAF Studio’s autogenous for Japanese burger restaurant Yuzu, in Reykjavík.

Japanese Interior Design Living Room - YouTube - Japanese Interior Design
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Situated on the city’s afresh ambulatory Hverfisgata street, the 220-square-metere restaurant incorporates Japanese yuzu bake-apple into all of its dishes, from burgers to affair and sauces.

With this amalgam card in mind, bounded designers HAF Flat set out to actualize an autogenous that blends Nordic and Japanese aesthetics.

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The flat is the latest in a cord of practices that accept attempted to alloy architectonics from these two genitalia of the apple in a restaurant interior. At recently-opened Copenhagen restaurant Izumi, Pan-Projects and Mok Architects congenital oak surfaces, clear-cut screens and cardboard lanterns to reflect the Nordic-Japanese menu.

At Yuzu, HAF Flat has teamed raw automated abstracts such as accurate bricks, chromed animate and chicken bottle with warmer accustomed abstracts associated with Nordic design, such as Douglas fir attic and amber covering benches.

“We advised Japanese aesthetics in the absorption to detail and use of basal shapes,” HAF flat architectonics administrator Hafsteinn Júlíusson told Dezeen. “The solid copse appliance is uncoloured and accurate walls are larboard basic in its aboriginal state. This enhances the Japanese feel in our assessment breadth aggregate in the amplitude is there for a reason.”

The 80-seat restaurant revolves about a axial accessible kitchen captivated in chicken bottle that references the colour of the yuzu fruit.

From here, guests can watch the chefs, led by acclaimed Icelandic chef Haukur Mar Hauksson, actualize dishes such as the Yuzu burger that comes with beef broiled bun.

The restaurant’s basement is assorted with areas of bank seating, clusters of abstracted tables and chairs, bar stools and added affectionate booths. There is additionally a lounge breadth with sofas by Swedish cast HEM and chairs by French cast Moustache.

The metal armchair acclimated throughout the autogenous is advised by HAF Flat accurately for the restaurant. Called New School, the locally-produced armchair references a specific primary academy armchair that was acclimated by a bearing of Icelandic academy children.

A alternation of curtains fabricated from dejected absolute by Danish cast Kvadrat accredit the amplitude to be disconnected into abate afar units.

In befitting with the automated abstracts used, the designers installed neon lighting alongside automated tube lights fabricated by French aggregation Sammode lighting beyond the restaurant’s beam and walls.

“The all-embracing ambition for HAF Flat was to actualize a airy and effortless abode that mixes nordic and Japanese aesthetics,” explained the designers. “Though the anatomy of the amplitude is asperous and automated the all-embracing feel is balmy and inviting.”

HAF Flat is a Reykjavík-based interiors and architectonics convenance led by Hafsteinn Juliusson and Karitas Sveinsdóttir. The flat ahead advised a 1960s-styled restaurant in the city.

Photography is by Gunnar Sverrisson.


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