Learn to Crochet Beanie Hat Waffle Stitch

Today we are going to do a Crochet Beanie Hat Waffle Stitch in size 0 to 3 months and will soon publish the indications for other sizes in my step by step website today we are going to do this crochet hat for a size from 0 to 3 months I want to remind you that this hat belongs to the trousseau that we are publishing on the channel they will see that we released the hooded sweater the pants and this would be the third garment I’m also going to show you that in the next week we will be posting the little shoes that are these to match the trousseau now.

I’m going to talk a little bit about how I wove this hat we start knitting from this part we made some rows of valeta point and then we do the fantasy point which is the same as we are doing in the trousseau which is the wasps stitch after knitting certain measure we made the edge with midpoint vareta that way we finished making the hat that is very easy to knit and it is also done quickly now we will go to the list of materials and then to its execution bill of materials we will use 60 grams of baby wool 25 millimeter needle scissor and needle wool.

To start we will first do a magic ring like this and now we are going to start first doing two chains for the sale of labor and let’s knit inside ring 11 stocking twisted Here is Video tutorial Crochet Beanie Hat Waffle Stitch :

Crochet Beanie Hat Waffle Stitch

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