Learn to Crochet Easy Waffle Baby Blanket Tutorial

hi everyone in this Crochet Easy Waffle Baby Blanket tutorial I’ll show you how to make ruffle blanket it’s so simple blanket baby you know this stitch I think if you’re not a total beginner you all know this stitch and I want to make it cause you asked it em from me and for this one I used this yarns I used white fault border and I think it looks beautiful that yarn is a brand name is Jonin but I think you can call it color something like that it’s tradition but I think they made this for selling abroad cause I never saw any yarn shop selling dis prints yarn in Turkey you can only find a few of them somewhere here and and I never try it cuz I don’t know the brand but it’s so beautiful it’s really so beautiful.

I’m so happy to use this yarn for this blanket it’s so soft and it has sparkles on it when I want to use a yarn with sparkle I always think like this can’t be so soft and I nearly every time I was right but this is so soft so with this young I want to give you the measurements to 100 grams 320 meters 350 yards and it’s I think size to yarn and for this one it’s recommend a three and four millimeter hooks I use five and sorry.

I used five and four point five millimeter crochet hook four point five for the borders and five for the main MIDI and you can use any size of yarn for this blanket you can choose any time you want and it’s so easy it’s to roll kids and that will be a written pattern when it’s ready I will put it into the description box and a comment section and you can just check my website a since crochet that com2 and if you are ready please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and let’s start

Learn to Crochet Easy Waffle Baby Blanket Tutorial

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