Learn to Crochet Moroccan Tiles Blanket For Beginners

hi everyone in this Crochet Moroccan Tiles Blanket tutorial I will show you how to make this blanket it’s more account stitch I think and it’s reversible you can use both sides easily and I really love this border it looks so perfect with this blanket and it gives a romantic wise in it and for this one now.

I used a 5 poles of this color a from this color a and I couldn’t give you the measurements of this yarn cause it was it was a discount yarn so it doesn’t have any label on it but I can tell you this this blanket is bigger than 1 meter with a border and it’s square so you if you want to make it with my size you will need at least 5 balls of yarn if I were you I could buy one more ball for the main color so if all the other color IIST Papa Tia Mullen chunky this one was size 4 yarn is acrylic yarn.

I think and this one is size 5 chunky yarn I use the chunky yarn here cuz it looks perfect like that if you want you can use size 4 yarn too of course but if you look like that it looks a little fluffy like popcorns and there is no big holes here so I like to use chunky yarn and I didn’t use the same color it is you can see blue is main for this ball and yellow or orange is made for this one and blue again here

here are same but I use a different color same yarn different color so you can use same yarns different different version if you want it looks a good like that and for this swans are used six millimeter and 5.5 millimeter crochet hooks of course back will fight for the border and I made this blanket in three days one day for the body and today for the border I need a little more time for the border and it took same yarn with the blanket I could tell you this – I used two and a half pole for here 2 and 1/2 bowl of course cream yarn for the blanket.

Learn to Crochet Moroccan Tiles Blanket For Beginners

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