Learn to Crochet Seashell Bag Basket Tutorial

hi everyone today I’ll show you Crochet Seashell Bag Basket Tutorial how to make health back it’s not soft as you can see I used this yarn it’s polyester soft macrame you can use macrame cotton raffia a paper or any thicker yarn you choose I start with one strength of this yarn now I made this round part you can see the difference no I think that was small.

so I changed my mind later and use two strands together and used six millimeter j-hook so you can directly start like that use two strands and use a bigger hook and it’s 250 grams of yarn are used to pose together and I have 100 almost 150 grams yarn left over so you will need 350 grams of yarn of course if it’s like this young cause this one is 200 meters long it’s not so hard to make but you must follow the directions I in video tutorial.

Learn to Crochet Seashell Bag Basket Tutorial

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