Learn to Crochet Shell Clutch Bag Tutorials

hi everyone in this Crochet Shell Clutch Bag tutorial I will show you how to make this clutch I used to color while I’m making this I use the support I didn’t put any fabric on it if you want you can make it and if you want you can use a machine so sealing machine here I just make this so I just saw this with my hands and I want to give you the materials you will need some beads if you want of course you don’t have to use them you will need a zipper.

I use a big one and cut it like that I wish I had a better color of course and you need you could need some pins you can use them to attach this zipper but I used a different color yarn to attach this one before sewing then you will need a bigger yarn needle a stitch marker and 4 millimeter crochet hook and scissor I use this yarn I use two strands together but I don’t like it very much I don’t like to work with it I really hurt my fingers and hands and arms it’s like so synthetic you and it’s M how could I tell this it’s teen if you have a tickle paper yarn.

you can use it it will make your work easier or you can use raffia yarns in macrame yarns cotton and different yarn kinds I tell them in the video when I remember John if you know a little something about crocheting you can make it don’t worry about it by the way I use almost two balls I can say 150 grams of yarn but two strands of course if you are using a thicker paper yarn 100 grams of yarn will be enough for you let’s start to tutorial video.

Learn to Crochet Shell Clutch Bag Tutorials

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