Learn to Crochet Simple And Fast Beginner Baby Blanket Tutorial

Crochet Simple And Fast Beginner Baby Blanket : hi everyone in this tutorial I will show you how to make blanket this main part is just one rule repeat you will like it it’s so easy to make and I use a pin stage for the border and it’s just one repeat two and actually this part is reversible but the border isn’t but it’s not bad like that – that’s the right side of course and for this one I used this yarn Lion Brand yarn panel of its size for yarn recommend 6 millimeter crochet hook

I used six and six point five millimeter crochet hooks 6.5 for the main body here and 6 millimeter for the M border you can use 6.5 for the border – it’s not too necessary one of them is 454 grams and 1020 years 932 meters

I haven’t used oboe that’s the leftover I think there is at least the 100 grams of yarn is left over now and that’s for a newborn size is almost 29 a little more than 29 ins and it’s a square and of course I haven’t used this color my color is love and let’s start I’ll start with a slipknot then chains multiples of two I’ll make 90 chains it will be 25 inch long I think you can make longer I just make a small motion just be sure about making your chains an even number I’ll make my chains and turn I complete 90 chains skip this first stitch and into the next one insert your hook grab the yarn and pull it down over pull through from tulips and I made it double crochet here sorry a single crochet and now we will pull up loops from this tree stitch it’s like a star

Learn to Crochet Simple And Fast Beginner Baby Blanket Tutorial

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