Learn to Crochet Sunflower Tutorial

Crochet Sunflower Tutorial you will need yarn of your choice I’ll be using yellow and brown a sewing needle a crochet hook i will be using a 5 millimeter hook and scissors the stitches we’ll be using are the chain slip stitch single crochet double crochet and triple crochet so to make our sunflower there are two main sections there’s a brown section which is the center and the yellow section which are all of these petals so we’re gonna start with the brown as the brown is this Center.

I’m going to make a chain of 4 and slip stitch to make a loop then do double crochet in the loop then single crochet around and then we’re going to be chaining 5 and then slip stitching in to one of those single crochet to make all of these loops around it until looking back at the sunflower we have the big petals are going to be directly on those loops and then the small petals will be on those single crochet that we did in this brown section.

so we’re going to start making the brown so you get your brown yarn and you’re going to make a slipknot and insert your crochet hook and pull then note we’re going to make a chain of four to chain you face your hook away from you put it on the left side of this string turn it to face towards you and pull through and that’s called yarning over

so you’re going to yarn over and pull through sweep two three and four then we are going to do a slip stitch into the first chain that we made so into this chain right here so to slip stitch insert into the chain yarn over come out you two loops on the hook and pull through so now we have a tiny little loop right here now we are going to do a chain three so yarn over and pull through yarn over pull through yarn over pull through so we have three chains then we’re going to do eleven double crochet into the center of this loop so we have this chain three count . here is video tutorial here

Crochet Sunflower Tutorial

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