Learning The Cross “X” Stitch Single Crochet [Video Tutorial]

LEARN HOW TO CROCHET THE CROSS “X” STITCH SINGLE CROCHET. Work along with me in this easy to follow tutorial. For this tutorial you will need your selected yarn. I’m using paintbox yarns in simply chunky. I’m going to use a six millimeter crochet hook with this yarn, but check your belly band to see which hook it recommends, you will also need a pair of scissors and a darning needle for sewing in your ends. OK lets get started so were going to go ahead and start with a slip knot and you can make this in whichever method you prefer go ahead and insert your crochet hook now it’s important to note that this pattern can only be worked in the round so this would be good for hats for bags phone cases glasses cases baskets cowls anything that you can work in the round this will not work when you do rows.

Learning The Cross "X" Stitch Single Crochet [Video Tutorial]

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