Tutorial Crochet Double Makeup Bag [VIDEO]

Tutorial Crochet Double Makeup Bag : Welcome today we will crochet a makeup bag we can use it for makeup and also as a wallet the bag consists of two parts, it’s considered two bags or two wallets together lets see how we are going to make it the yarn we are going to use is Alize Cotton Gold
and we will use a size 3 hook this project will consume almost less than 50 grams of yarn we will start off with a forty stitches chain we will work at the beginning with a double crochet stitch (DC) we will skip the first three chains in the fourth stitch we will work a row of double crochet stitches (DC) to the end of the chain as we said the starting chain was forty stitches. For Detail Check this Video.

Crochet Double Makeup Bag

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