Vertical Braids Beanie Crochet Tutorial [VIDEO]

Vertical Braids Beanie Crochet : today we’re gonna be making this vertical braids be me now this does have a little bit of a slouch to it so you can if you don’t want the slouch either fold up the brim or you can make it shorter than the 25 stitches that we have going out that’s not a problem the way that we are going to be working this beanie is going to be in rows going back and forth and just switching for this last part of the row so that you can build on your back now this beanie also pairs with a set of matching fingerless gloves the pattern for this will be released and within a few days there will be a written patter, here is Vertical Braids Beanie Crochet Video

Vertical Braids Beanie Crochet

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